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2014 Local Business Online Marketing Strategies
Do you have solid online marketing strategies for your local business in 2014? If not, it's time to do a little strategic planning! 2013 has come and gone. If you're like many local business owners, you may be saying 'Goodbye and Good Riddance!" For a lot of us, 2013 was a time of ups and downs, taking three step forward and then two steps backwards. Online marketing strategies have changed [...]
What are the Benefits of Podcasting for Business?
Here is a summary of just some of the benefits of setting up and hosting your own podcast show: You control the message Start up costs for running a podcast are minimal Minimal equipment required You own all rights to your podcasts - which means you can think about future syndication, changing your podcasts into other formats, even selling them, or adding them to a membership site If you [...]
Vodcasting – the New Podcast
In he last article, we talked about podcasting as a way for you to create quality, meaningful content and creating connections with your audience as well. In oday's article, I'm going to alk about 'vodcasting' -what it is, and why you should consider it in place of, or alongside your podcasting. First, podcasting by definition is an ongoing subscription to a media file distribution (known as [...]
Creating Meaningful Content and Connections through Podcasting
There are many different types of content marketing you could be doing to help spotlight your business, which would be perceived as 'valuable' by your customers, clients or prospective customers, and also help you to creating meaningful connections with them. One of those ways is through Podcasting. If you're not familiar with the term, a podcast is information delivered through audio or [...]
What your your business goals for 2013?
Have you set your business goals for 2013 yet? 2012 is almost over with, and right now - in between getting ready for the holidays - sipping eggnog, holiday parties and wrapping presents - is the time to start thinking about what you want for your business in 2013 and beyond. Here are some basic ideas for what you need to be thinking about - and planning for: 1. Connecting with your customers [...]
Check It Out: Flash Mob Video in Moscow!
I love the flash mob dances that are popping up all over the world. I got to witness one in Paris a couple of years ago, and it's an incredible thing to be part of this experience. Check out this inspiring one from Moscow - don't you love the bride? This is the kind of thing that goes viral. And you should also look at it with a marketer's eye... Maybe you don't want to put together a flash [...]
Video: Getting Started with Email Marketing
One of the resources I highly recommend when you're ready to get started using online and email marketing is a company called AWeber. One of my favorite services from Aweber are the email newsletters. I use it for all my different niche markets. If you've got questions about how to build a list, create trust and crediblity, Aweber can not only answer them for, but give you copy and paste simplicity! With [...]
Are you marketing with Pinterest?
Who is your target market? If it's women in their twenties and thirties, then Pinterest better be in your marketing toolkit. Chances are, if you've been online lately, you've seen something about Pinterest. Someone's sent you a message, or you've seen someone's board.. Pinterest is a social bookmarking site that is taking off in leaps and bounds, but it doesn't work quite like other social bookmarking [...]
How to Beat Your Own Direct Mail Control
Are you using direct mail to promote your products or services? Have you ever wondered if you could beat your own direct mail control? Here is an interesting way to think about it - I ran across this article from http://DirectMarketingIQ.com - they give you 7 ways to beat your own control... One of the most interesting tips they offer is when they tell you to come up with a problem statement. [...]
Search Engine Optimization Revealed
Okay, if you're exploring going online, or you've got a Website, chances are you've heard the term SEO (Search Engine Optimazation) thrown around. But dammit, Jim, You're a business owner, not a Website guru... (And by the way, if you don't recognize that little play on words as being from Star Trek - or worse, you don't know what Star Trek is... please don't comment here. You'll just hurt my feelings [...]
Why You Should Be Using Pinterest for Your Business
Doesn't it seem like every month or so there's some new social media marketing program that springs up? Something that's called the next big thing... The coolest thing since sliced bread... We're told we need to jump on the bandwagon and become a part of it...  Sometimes it's true... Other times, not so much... Well, right now, there's something new on the horizon - and this time, it's something [...]
Is Your Brand Batman or Bruce Wayne?
Have you ever done the exercise where you are supposed to look at different ways to think of your business or your brand? The way it works is you answer different questions about your brand... For example, if your brand were a color, what color would it be? Or, if your brand were an animal, what animal would it be? Or, if your brand were a superhero which one would it be? I'm going to let [...]
Are You Measuring the ROI of Social Media Marketing?
At a meeting with one of our clients yesterday, we were asked if we could help them measure the ROI of their social marketing efforts. This is an interesting question, because there's not an easy answer. Or at least, it's not as simple as "Post on your Facebook Wall - Make $X amount of dollars." In fact, because there's really not a direct relationship between Social Media and revenue, more than [...]
How to Leverage Cross Promotions Without Getting Burned
This article will give you some insights into how you can leverage cross promotions without getting burned. Most business owners have heard of cross promoting as a method of getting more bang for their buck, reaching a larger audience and saving money in their advertising budgets. When it's done correctly, cross promitions can do all of that and more... But when it doesn't go as planned, you [...]
5 Day Local Online Marketing Challenge – Free to Members!
Special Announcement! Wildfire Performance Marketing is sponsoring a free 5 day Local Online Marketing Challenge - and You're Invited! We've gotten over 1000 members who've signed up for Wildfire Performance Marketing, and to celebrate, we decided to sponsor a free 5 day Local Online Marketing Challenge... If you're feeling stuck... Let me help walk you through what you need to know to build [...]
What You Need to Know About Backlinks
This article will tell you the basics of what you need to know about backlinks. I recently did a presentation for a group of business owners through the Chamber of Commerce. And as I was answering questions at the end, I realized many local business owners often have the same questions - no matter what type of business they run, or where it's located. Especially when it comes to specific SEO strategies [...]
Why Getting More Traffic to Your Website Isn’t the Right Answer
Getting Traffic to your Website isn't going to increase your revenues. Okay, I know that you're probably going to get mad at me if you're reading this. Getting traffic to your Website isn't the answer to making more money...I know what I'm saying is controversial... And it's probably not what you want to hear. But it's the truth... Getting traffic to you site alone isn't going to help you [...]
Should You Use Geo-Targeting for Your Online Marketing Campaigns?
Geo-targeting is a word you're likely to start hearing more about. If you don't know what it is, it means you create online marketing campaigns that are 'geo-targeted' to a specific area. For example, if you run a restaurant in a specific neighborhood and you want to increase your customer base, you might try setting up an online marketing campaign that is sent to people a little further out - [...]
Creating Content: Understanding Your Customers’ Buying Cycles
If you're going to create relevant and remarkable content - that grabs the attention of your prospects, then you need to understand their buying cycles... Why? Because people aren't likely to wak up tomorrow and say - Oooh! I need (insert the name of your project or service here)... In fact, if you want to be truly successful, you can't just create one article about your product or service, and [...]
Creating Content: Using the Buying Cycle of Your Prospect
Okay, let's admit it. Creating content is hard. Not just creating it, but creating it consistently and in all it's different formats. But you can't just slap a bunch of words together, and call it content. Because that's not going to help - in fact, it could hurt you in the long run. Content has to be relevant.  It has to be remarkable. It has to grab your prospect or customer's attention.  [...]
Think Video Doesn’t Work? Validate Your Customers
Have you seen the YouTube Video called "Validate"? If you think video doesn't work, or cant be used to drive traffic to your site, and get people interested in what you've got going on, i want you to check out Validate...  By the way, the video is a little small, so I recommend you view it in full screen to really get to see what I'm talking about. Don't just watch it for the video - or at [...]
Does Your Holiday Marketing Stand Out?
If you're thinking about making a holiday video, here's an idea: Make it stand out. Make it express your brand. Make it fun and entertaining. Or pull on the heart strings.
A New Christmas Tradition
  I got this in an email from a friend, and I think it's valuable - not just as consumers, but from a local business point of view. This weekend is the biggest shopping day of the year - how prepared are you to increase your sales from local customers? Christmas 2011 -- Birth of a New Tradition As the holidays approach, the giant Asian factories are kicking into high gear to provide [...]
Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Business Now
You need a content marketing strategy for your business - now. Why?  Because there are more than 2 billion people around the world who are online right now.  And guess what? When they want to buy products or services, they don't check out the yellow pages, or sit around watching TV, or listen to the radio to see if maybe an ad will catch their eye or their ear... Nope. They do what you and I do. [...]
Video Marketing Campaigns That Work – and Why
This article will answer your questions about video marketing campaigns that work - and why. If you've been wondering if you should try a video marketing campaign for your business, but have questions about how to set one up, or if it will work in your particular market, these series of articles are written for you. I'm not just going to discuss different video  marketing campaigns that work, but [...]
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