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Great Calls of Action for User-Friendly Mobile Websites

Grat calls to action for user-friendly mobile websitesThis article talks about great calls to action for user-friendly mobile Websites. If you are  currently ‘going mobile’ or you want to create a user-friendly mobile Website, one of the things you need to understand is what kind of calls to action you can use effectively.

So lets get right to it:

1. Use a ‘click to call us’ button. This is one of the best calls to action for a user-friendly mobile website, because it lets the user call you with a push of a button – and you don’t have to worry they’re going to forget your number or decide to ‘do it later’ – because we all know what that means, don’t we?

2. Create a simple sms registration form. (In my article about creating user-friendly mobile Websites, one of the things I cautioned you about was not making people type too much.  But almost everyone is comfortable sending a simple sms message – they subscribe to news by sending you an SMS – and you can let them know about upcoming sales, the latest news, special events or other things that they consider worth their time.

3. Let them click to a map that shows them how to get to your business. This is where using Google places can come in handy  – and with a simple app it can be sized for mobiles, and it’s an excellent call to action for user-friendly mobile Websites. Here’s another great calls to action ideas for user-friendly mobile Websites I’ve heard – it comes from Mobile Commons. I really love that idea – could you put something like this to use in your business?

4. Remember the WIIFM – this is the “What’s In It For Me’ -what is your customer going to get for doing what you want them to do? When you create a call to action – or CTA – your customers need a reason. And it better be a darn good reason – from your customer’s point of view.  Check out this article by Kane Russell at Insider Mobile about the 4 elements of a great call to action for mobile Websites. You’re going to want to bookmark his article and read it again when you’re planning your mobile marketing strategy – it’s that good.

5. Make it easy, fun and entertaining. Think about contests, games, interesting apps, even liking your Facebook Fan page – as long as it increases the user experience.

If you take the time to plan your mobile marketing strategy, I’m sure you’ll be able to come up with your great calls to action for user-friendly mobile websites… And I’d love to hear about your ideas. Or, if you’re stuck, feel free to call us at (888) 228-8923 and set up a free 30 minute consultation where we’ll help you brainstorm your own great calls to action for user-friendly mobile websites.


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